Citizen Science

Citizen science bridges the gap between scientists and non-scientists. "Amateur science"  “volunteer monitoring” and "public participation in scientific research" are common aliases for citizen science. The general idea is that anyone can participate and take readings and/or samples within a project designed by scientists. Data and results are shared among all participants. The most important advantages are that i) a huge number of readings / samples can be gathred  and ii) the public is directly involved in research.  The huge number of readings / samples is both a challenge and opportunity to get better results. The direct involvement of the public is the easiest and best way of dissemination of the importance of scientific research to the puplic, decission makes, and politicians. Fields for scitizen sciences are diverse: biology, ecology, engineering, genetics, geoscience, medicine,  psychology, statistics and many more.  Our services are:

  • Designing and estabishing projects
  • Create training material